Social workers improve your experience and end hallway health care


Are you one of the thousands of Ontario patients experiencing hallway health care right now?


Hallway health care is an unfortunate reality for many Ontario families. At its most basic level, this issue is caused by three main factors:


More people are using hospitals as their primary source for health care


Patients treated in hospitals are not moving out of the hospital as quickly as they could


Patients are returning to hospitals when they cannot find or access the care and resources they need once home


Registered Social Workers (RSWs) are key members of health care teams in the hospital and your community. RSWs improve your experience seeking care and contribute to ending hallway health care by assessing your unique needs and linking you quickly and efficiently to the information and supports you need including, helping you and your family or caregiver to:


Understand and cope with illness, a diagnosis and/or hospitalization


Communicate effectively with members of your health care team and one another

Access and coordinate important resources in the community, such as: financial assistance, essential social services, counselling and caregiver supports that are linguistically and culturally appropriate

Are you waiting too long? Feeling overwhelmed? Unsure what to do or where to go next? Ask your health care provider to speak to a Registered Social Worker or RSW.

Waiting too long?

Ask for an RSW.


There are over 18,000 Registered Social Workers in Ontario, making social work the largest regulated profession providing mental health services in the province. 


Social workers are experts in psychotherapy, case management, system navigation and addressing factors such as poverty, housing and employment (also referred to as the social determinants of health), which can impact overall physical and mental health. 


Social workers assist Ontarians of all ages to identify the source of stress or problems, strengthen coping skills, find needed resources and facilitate solutions.


Whether developing policy in government to support health and well-being, working with patients and caregivers in hospitals to facilitate safe discharge or supporting the mental health of Ontarians in community-based programs, social workers help people address and resolve everyday issues to complex needs; it’s what we do. 


The Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW) is a voluntary, bilingual, non-profit association representing approximately 5,700 social workers. All members have a university degree in social work at the bachelor, master or doctoral level. OASW works to actively speak on behalf of social workers on issues of interest to the profession and advocates for the improvement of social policies and programs directly affecting social work practice and client groups served.